Charu has been deeply involved in Sustainable Textiles Research and its application for the Sustainable Supply Chain in the Textile and Chemical Industry.

She is strong believer of spreading the awareness about sustainable practices in the industries through educational awareness. She believes in transforming businesses and organizations through imparting educational awareness regarding the various sustainable measures which can transform their businesses towards long term sustainability. She has contributed to various Indian and International Journals with her publications.

The list of her selected publications can be found here. If you are interested in accessing any of her publications, please contact here.

Professional Publications

  • Pondering the Key Elements of Sustainability in Textile Supply chain, Apparel Views, May 2011,
  • Sustainable Raw Material for textile production, Apparel Views, September 2011,
  • Sustainable processing and coloration of Textiles, Colourage,  January 2010, Sustainable Raw material for Sustainable Textile Production, Colourage, October 2009,
  • Key Elements of Sustainability in the Textile Supply Chain, Colourage, September 2009,
  • Sustainable Textiles: Need of the hour, Business for Fashion, February 2009,

Research Publications:

  • The Journey of Cotton-Organic to Organic – Asian Textile Journal. May 2006
  • Physiochemical Properties of Organic and Conventional Cottons – Textile Association, India. January 2005
  • The Conventional verses Bio processing of Organic and Conventional Cotton Fibers, International Textile Conference, Chennai, India. July 2005
  • Organic Cotton: Need of the Hour. A Review Article Published in Clothesline Journal, December 2003
  • A Comparative Study of Organic and Conventional Cottons – Asian Textile Journal, July 2003

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