Charu was born in India, India – a country which is known for its vibrant colors and rich heritage in Textiles.  It is famous for beautiful embroideries, colorful patterns and prints. From her early childhood, she was exposed to the vibrant & rich cultural history of India. Over the period, she developed deep interest towards culturally rich and vibrant history of Indian Textiles which led her  pursue her graduate and post graduate studies in Textiles from reputed University.

She gained  in-depth working experience in various aspects of Textile manufacturing from design to delivery and from Cradle to Grave and developed a deep concern over the unsustainable production practices prevailing in the whole textile industry. Even though she started her career in Textile manufacturing, she furthered her Doctorate Research in Sustainable Textiles and continued to research and gain expertise into sustainable options available into textile industry to make our supply chain more environment friendly for the human health. Her Doctorate research into Sustainable Textiles with focus on Organically Grown cotton was a motivational journey for her.

Textile Industry is one of the most polluting Industries in the world where we use vast quantity of chemicals, pesticides and other hazardous substances to treat our textiles at each stage. Right from the cotton cultivation till end consumer, textile requires chemical intensive applications at every stage.

Over the span of 12 years working as Sustainability Specialist for reputed companies, she gained in-depth experience in various aspects from Farm to Factory, Retailer to Consumer; Government Legislations to Environmental regulations, NGO’s, testing to Certifications and overall developed deep faith in Sustainability values.

She is passionate about Sustainability as a conceptual value. She has worked hard in past few years to embed sustainable practices in her organizations and would keep working towards bringing sustainable changes in coming years.

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