Surpassing upon the various dimensions of Sustainability, Dr. Charu Jain has wide and varied experience in Managing Supply Chain Sustainability at Corporate Levels.

Her areas of expertise expand from Corporate Sustainability Reporting & Carbon Foot Printing to Energy & GHG Reporting and Sustainability Data Management at Corporate Levels. She is passionate about CSR and Green & Sustainable Solutions. She has managed Product Safety and Environmental Compliance, Environmental Laws, Labels & Logo’s, Testing and Certification, Ecology Marketing & Business Development at corporate levels and interested in Sustainability Research, Training & Consultancy.

She is passionate towards sustainability management through sustainable development , education and wish to contribute in the development of sustainable businesses and economies in coming years.

Here’s Dr. Charu Jain speaking at Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2012, held in New Delhi on October 11, 2012 that saw participation from more than 200 senior business leaders from leading corporates working on furthering the sustainability agenda.